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MOWING - We cut the grass at the recommended height of 3" (unless requested otherwise by you).  Mowing includes: edging curbs (assuming already established - otherwise a one-time fee may apply), string trim areas that the mowers can not reach in lawn area, and blowing debris clear.


SOIL SAMPLE TESTING - We take a core sample from your property & send it off to Virginia Techs Agriculture Department. Your soil is analyzed & a detailed evaluation & recommendation is provided.  Getting your soil healthy and ph balanced is the first step in getting & maintaining a healthy lawn. 


ORGANIC FERTILIZATION PROGRAM - Our ORGANIC program is super environmentally friendly and safe for all water run-off including Chesapeake Bay  concerns.  By feeding the soil as well as your grass, fantastic results are achieved with this program due to increased root mass.  Stronger roots equal a stronger plant!


STANDARD FERTILIZATION PROGRAM - Our STANDARD lawn fertilization program has six applications: 1) Pre-emergent crabgrass & broad leaf weed control with fertilizer 2) Spot spray for weeds 3) Crab grass and broad leaf weed control with a slow release fertilizer 4) Surface & root feeding insect control (eg. grubs, ticks and mosquitoes)  5) Fall feeding for green-up and disease resistance and 6)Fertilizer high in nitrogen to prepare for winter. 


SHRUB and SMALL TREE FERTILIZATION - Slow release, all granular feeding of shrubs, bushes, small trees, and ground cover (pachysandra, ivy, periwinkle, etc.) - 2 applications per year: Spring and Fall.


CLEAN-UPS - removal of leaves, sticks, acorns,  etc. from lawn area as well as from flower beds and bushes.


TRIMMING SHRUBS - just let us know if we will need a ladder!


WEEDING, EDGING and MULCH - removing weeds from beds or designated areas, edging or cutting a trench to separate the lawn from the bed and distributing mulch approximately 2 1/2" to 3" thick within beds or designated areas.


POWER SEEDING -  is the best way to rejuvenate your lawn and help get the grass growing.  Providing optimum seed germination by forcing the seed into the ground at the best possible depth will help thicken up those thin lawns.


CORE AERATION -  will relieve compaction of the soil, allow water, nutrients and fertilizers to get to the roots and create better soil contact for seeding.  This service can be done in conjunction with  putting down seed and starter fertilizer (also known as ASF).


DETHATCHING -  a process of removing the matted layer of dead and decaying plant material between growing grass and the soil, known as thatch.  DETHATCHING should be done in early spring or early fall.

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